In order to commission an artwork, there are some basic considerations to help establish the qualities of your custom artwork.

These are the questions we would discuss together to decide on the size, style, finish and vibrancy of your artwork before beginning the process.

Consider what you would like in terms of:

  • Size- Where will this artwork hang? I.e. Living room above the coach, or in an office above the workspace. Knowing where the painting will hang will help determine how big or small the painting will be. Sizes start from 2' x 2' and go up to 8' x 4'. If you would like a work larger than provided in the Canvas Guide, it is available upon request and can be done.
  • Style- The style of artwork depends on your personal taste. Do you like abstract art? contemporary? modern art? pop art? or a custom portrait? It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint it down to one style, I can help with this decision once we talk about what you are interested in. Simply keep in mind what it is you would like to have painted and we can find the perfect style for your idea.
  • Varnish- There are many ways to finish a painting, and depending on the lighting (i.e. natural or artificial light/ many windows or none, white light/dark light) the painting will look different in each setting. Knowing where you want to hang the painting will help determine the finish you would like for your luxury piece. For basic clarification simply decide if you would like your painting to be: Glossy, Satin, or Matte. There are different levels to each, and different varnish types to accomplish each look, I will help with that once we determine the style of artwork.
  • Extras- Is there something you love and would love to have incorporated into the artwork in a unique way? Texts, logos, designs, images, different mediums and textures can all be added into the artwork based on your personal preference. I work with different unique products such as 24k gold, silver, brass, diamond crystals, epoxy resin, cork, canvas, and wood to name a few. These elements are a great way to add something special to your custom piece. If you are not sure how to incorporate it, don't worry! I will do the creative process and make sure it is perfect to your taste.

After discussing the details of the artwork a deposit of 40% is required to begin the process. For the painting to be completed please allow 4-6 weeks. If it is a project with urgency I will make sure to have it ready on the due date we discuss. If you would like it to be ready for a specific date it, in the future, we can arrange for that as well. The paintings can be shipped internationally to your destination for an additional fee (based on the post office rate at the time). Once the final payment is received the custom artwork along with documents (Certificate of Authenticity) will be shipped the same/ or following day. Its that Easy!

Please contact Tetyana Bibik directly through email to inquire about a custom artwork, or receive a price estimate:


*Other custom canvas sizes are available upon request. 

Commission an Artwork:

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