All artwork is custom made, designed and hand painted by Tetyana Bibik. Each piece is designed and created custom to each client (style, size, design and colours). Each work is original, and is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, all rights reserved to the artist.  Click here for more information on what to consider when ordering a custom artwork. 


-Abstract Art 

-Modern Art 

-Pop Art 



48" x 60" Mixed Media on Canvas

A custom painting Tetyana created , and covered with two layers of Epoxy, making it very glossy. The smoke parts of the painting are covered in layers of Diamond Crystals which are not visible in photos, but are extremely sparkling in person. The painting now resides with it's art collector.   


36" x 48" Mixed Media on Canvas  

Painted in acrylic, this custom luxury abstract painting features 24k Gold accents throughout. Sealed in a matte varnish, allowing the gold to shine, perfectly complementing the client's decor. 

THE GEORGE - 30" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas, Matte Varnish.

After visiting New York, and travelling on The George Washington bridge this client wanted Tetyana to follow a grey and blue colour scheme, but with pops of colour throughout. He told her she can paint it in any style she wanted. This painting is now in the collector's home. 


36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas 

This painting was created for a beautiful couple that have a love for the outdoors, and the season of Fall. Tetyana combined personality traits from both individuals to bring them together on canvas and create Autumn Leaves. 

HEARTBEAT - 36" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas

This piece was specifically designed for the Event: Colour Rush. 

The Grand Opening of Quartex Surfaces, featuring countertop slabs with abstract and colourful designs. 

The new owner of the artwork, took the  painting back to his Chiropractor Office. 

Heartbeat features soft pastel colours, with bold accents throughout on a large Gallery Wrapped Canvas. 

SUNSET- 36" x 36" Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, High-gloss Varnish


This painting was custom made for a client's financial firm in Mississauga, ON. Among other works it now brings a vibrant interior to the office. Tetyana Bibik worked with the client to discuss colours, accents, and his style to create the perfect piece of artwork for him.

Tetyana then delivered the painting in person and assisted the client with adding lighting to add to the atmosphere. 

DIANA- 36" x 48" Oil on Canvas

Custom painting. Diana was painted in Oil on Canvas by Tetyana Bibik. 

View of Diana in it's new home.

The client wanted a portrait of her back, facing the ocean through a balcony like view, as she has seen in one of Tetyana's older works. 

GEORGE - 24"x30" Oil on Canvas, Matte Varnish 

This painting was a custom painting of client doing what he loves best, GOLF! 


24" x 30"

Mixed Media on Canvas 

This painting was done in Pop Art Style, featuring many secret messages throughout only the client and the artist know about. The painting uses real cork from all original bottles that were painted by Tetyana Bibik. It was then covered with 2 layers of epoxy resin, to give it a super high gloss effect. The champagne foam was covered in "diamond crystals" to give the effect that the painting is literally sparkling! Although not seen here, visit @artbytetyana on instagram to see this and other paintings with the effect of diamond crystals.  



36"x24"Acrylic on Canvas 

The client requested a custom painting of Tony Montana, his favourite character from his favourite movie, Scarface.

The decision of which scene, background, style to paint in was left up to Tetyana Bibik. 

She chose to paint Tony in a pop art, hyperrealistic modern style, from one of the most iconic scenes, and wallpapers from the movie. 

Tony Montana now proudly hangs in the client's home. 


24" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas 

This painting was requested by a client gifting it to her boss. She wanted a painting of his favourite pup, Auston the Boston Terrier. The client also requested certain elements that the boss is known for to be included in the painting. He loves basketball, and lives in Toronto his favourite city. Tetyana included the Toronto skyline in the back, and a Raptors logo on the pup's sweater. The pup's instagram handle was also added in the style of a Toronto street sign. Auston the Boston now has his very own portrait to look at! 

See full videos, and the making of each painting on Tetyana's Instagram @artbytetyana

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